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Get Security related whitepapers to securing and protecting unauthorized intrusion in various industries.


Databases make data management easy learn how databases make data management easy.


Whitepaers help you to enhance your knowledge to create and using computer networks.


Our Whitepapers will help you to enhance knowledge cloud, storing copies and instances of backup data.


Get to know new Virtualization techniques through our whitepapers and creation of a virtual resource.


Get Software updates and know about various softwares through our best technical whitepapers.

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Safeguarding customer data is integral in the era of smart technologies and IoT. Attacking vulnerabilities, promoting awareness and accountability are crucial to ascertain security levels in evolving businesses. Next-gen smart security solutions enable timely detection and response to threats and potential hacks. With large-scale data breaches making headlines, security is the top priority for organizations of all sizes across industries.


Preparing your business for rapid transformation

The way we work has, is and will always be changing—that is the only constant. New communication capabilities are enabling both remote workers

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The Value Of A True Cloud ERP Platform For Manufacturing Companies

The use of public cloud resources is growing rapidly but is still at an early stage of growth, with most metrics showing only 10% to 20% of market penetration on an application workload basis......

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A Simple Approach To Project Management For Any Busy Professional

The pandemic has rapidly shifted the way that businesses operate, with many transitioning to hybrid working models with large numbers of employees working remotely. However, the move to remote working hasn’t been simple, and it has been .....

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Exploring New Web Browser Security Capabilities

Since the introduction of Secure Web Gateway(SWG), the threats facing companies have continually grown and become more sophisticated. Luckily, new security features built......

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Web Browser Security Features Make Attacks Harder

This expert E-Guide will showcase the analysis and hacking contests that illustrate browser security improvements for your organization......

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10 Things to Look For When Troubleshooting Slow Network Performance

Slow network and application performance are much more than technical bottlenecks: they are productivity and bottom-line killers.....

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